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Learning Photoshop CC

Free Tutorial: Saving Time With Shortcuts

Course: Learning Photoshop CC


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Learning Photoshop CC

Video Title: Introduction

Duration: 00:02:10

Video Title: About Andy Anderson

Duration: 00:02:58

Video Title: Introduction

Duration: 00:01:06

Video Title: The Photoshop Interface

Duration: 00:06:24

Video Title: Communicating Between Macintosh And Windows

Duration: 00:04:05

Video Title: Raster Versus Vector Images

Duration: 00:03:22

Video Title: Bit Depth And Image Information

Duration: 00:04:34

Video Title: Introduction

Duration: 00:01:17

Video Title: Essential Preference Settings

Duration: 00:08:12

Video Title: Synchronizing Photoshop Settings

Duration: 00:03:02

Video Title: The New Experimental Features Manager

Duration: 00:01:14

Video Title: Setting Up Color Preferences

Duration: 00:04:18

Video Title: Controlling Photoshop Menus

Duration: 00:04:01

Video Title: Organizing Photoshop Panels

Duration: 00:05:01

Video Title: Creating Custom Workspaces

Duration: 00:04:28

Video Title: Linked Smart Objects

Duration: 00:06:38