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Learning CINEMA 4D Lite For After Effects

Free Tutorial: Using Tags To Replace C4D Objects In AE Comps

Course: Learning Maxon CINEMA 4D Lite


Other Free Videos From The Learning Maxon CINEMA 4D Lite Training Course

Learning Maxon CINEMA 4D Lite

Video Title: Who Should Take This Course

Duration: 00:02:20

Video Title: Author Jeff Sengstacks Background

Duration: 00:01:14

Video Title: Creating A New, Default CINEMA 4D Scene

Duration: 00:04:27

Video Title: Understanding The Animation Palette

Duration: 00:05:29

Video Title: Examining And Adding Parametric 3D Objects

Duration: 00:10:55

Video Title: Converting Illustrator Files To 3D Objects

Duration: 00:09:50

Video Title: Modelling Surfaces With HyperNURBS

Duration: 00:06:54

Video Title: Applying And Examining Material Presets

Duration: 00:09:56

Video Title: Applying Materials To Polygons

Duration: 00:04:37

Video Title: Viewing The Timeline Keyframe And F-Curve Modes

Duration: 00:04:57

Video Title: Standard Lights: Omni, Spot, Area And Infinite

Duration: 00:08:37