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Learning Final Cut Pro X For Mavericks

Free Tutorial: The Difference Between Clips, Events, And Libraries

Course: Learning Final Cut Pro X For Mavericks


Other Free Videos From The Learning Final Cut Pro X For Mavericks Training Course

Learning Final Cut Pro X For Mavericks

Video Title: Course Introduction

Duration: 00:00:49

Video Title: About Andy Anderson

Duration: 00:03:00

Video Title: Ten Deal-Breaker Features In FCP

Duration: 00:05:10

Video Title: Introduction

Duration: 00:00:22

Video Title: The FCP X Interface

Duration: 00:06:50

Video Title: Working Through Preferences

Duration: 00:06:31

Video Title: Getting Efficient With Shortcuts

Duration: 00:03:24

Video Title: Upgrading Existing Events And Projects

Duration: 00:02:34

Video Title: Introduction To Adding Media

Duration: 00:00:31

Video Title: Native FCP Formats

Duration: 00:01:23

Video Title: Creating A Library

Duration: 00:02:14

Video Title: Getting Ready To Import Media

Duration: 00:03:14

Video Title: Working With Archives

Duration: 00:02:27

Video Title: Adding Media From A Camera

Duration: 00:03:34

Video Title: Adding Media From An SD Card

Duration: 00:01:54

Video Title: Additional Import Options

Duration: 00:01:44

Video Title: Importing Video From Tape

Duration: 00:02:42

Video Title: When Importing Fails

Duration: 00:02:25