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Graphic Design Sample Videos

Infinite Skills Graphic Design Tutorials - Taught By Expert Trainers

Looking to expand your Graphic Design Skills? We have an ever increasing range of video based training that uses comprehensive and practical lessons to teach. The self-paced Infinite Skills method of learning is suitable for users of all levels, and training courses are taught by expert tutors who have a passion for teaching.

The selection of sample videos below are to help you evaluate our training. Please note the size and quality of these free videos have been reduced for online viewing.

Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5.5 Training Video

Video Title: Illustrator Round Trip

Duration: 00:02:05

Video Title: Photoshop Round Trip

Duration: 00:03:18

Video Title: Optimize

Duration: 00:02:51

Video Title: Checkbox - Radio Button

Duration: 00:03:57

Video Title: Custom Component

Duration: 00:04:05

Video Title: Timeline

Duration: 00:03:44

Video Title: Resize

Duration: 00:02:18

Video Title: Rotate 3D

Duration: 00:05:45

Video Title: Encode

Duration: 00:04:05
Photoshop CS5 for Photographers

Video Title: Controlling Depth Of Field - FStop

Duration: 00:03:51

Video Title: Managing Light To Film - Shutter Speed

Duration: 00:03:43

Video Title: Raw Images 101

Duration: 00:05:35

Video Title: Working With The Quick Selection Tool

Duration: 00:05:58

Video Title: Detecting Edges With The Magnetic Lasso

Duration: 00:07:49

Video Title: Refining A Channel Selection

Duration: 00:07:58

Video Title: Creating A Color Correction Mask

Duration: 00:02:45

Video Title: Using Grey To Correct A Color Image

Duration: 00:02:44

Video Title: Using Math To Color Correct A Photograph

Duration: 00:05:08

Video Title: Matching Color Between Photographs

Duration: 00:02:07

Video Title: Removing Photographic Blemishes

Duration: 00:05:40

Video Title: Removing Dark Circle From Under Eyes

Duration: 00:03:58

Video Title: The Ansel Adams Effect

Duration: 00:05:09

Video Title: Improving Image Sharpness With Smart Sharpen

Duration: 00:08:53

Video Title: Creating Unique Vignettes With Filters

Duration: 00:04:40