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Apple Final Cut Pro X

Free Tutorial: Smart Collections

Course: Apple Final Cut Pro X Training Video


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Apple Final Cut Pro X Training Video

Video Title: About This Course

Duration: 00:02:10

Video Title: Adding Transitions

Duration: 00:03:48

Video Title: Editing A Clip With The Blade Tool

Duration: 00:03:36

Video Title: Capturing From Tape

Duration: 00:05:48

Video Title: Merging Events

Duration: 00:02:00

Video Title: Creating Clip-Related Keywords

Duration: 00:06:58

Video Title: Creating A Working Project

Duration: 00:04:09

Video Title: Editing Techniques

Duration: 00:07:29

Video Title: Editing Tips And Tricks

Duration: 00:04:39

Video Title: Separating Audio And Video

Duration: 00:03:22

Video Title: Making Editing Precise

Duration: 00:04:34

Video Title: Creating Basic Text

Duration: 00:10:33

Video Title: Working With Generators

Duration: 00:09:08

Video Title: Controlling Opacity With Keyframes

Duration: 00:03:19

Video Title: Controlling Color Information With Masks

Duration: 00:04:12