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Adobe Photoshop Elements 7

Free Tutorial: Viewing photos

Course: Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 Training DVD


Other Free Videos From The Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 Training DVD Training Course

Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 Training DVD

Video Title: Welcome

Duration: 00:00:34

Video Title: Achieve outstanding results like these

Duration: 00:00:48

Video Title: Photoshop Elements at a glance

Duration: 00:01:22

Video Title: Using the project files

Duration: 00:00:47

Video Title: Understanding Photoshop Elements

Duration: 00:02:06

Video Title: Touring the Organizer interface

Duration: 00:02:33

Video Title: Organize, Fix, Create and Share

Duration: 00:02:01

Video Title: Touring the Full Edit interface

Duration: 00:02:24

Video Title: Full Edit, Quick Edit and Guided Edit

Duration: 00:01:59

Video Title: Selecting photos

Duration: 00:01:15

Video Title: Rotating photos

Duration: 00:01:31

Video Title: Renaming photos

Duration: 00:01:47

Video Title: Adjusting photo dates

Duration: 00:01:59

Video Title: Hiding and deleting photos

Duration: 00:02:22

Video Title: Stacking

Duration: 00:02:53

Video Title: Moving photos

Duration: 00:01:39