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Adobe Photoshop CS5

Free Tutorial: Fixing A Pesky Color Cast

Course: Adobe Photoshop CS5 Training


Other Free Videos From The Adobe Photoshop CS5 Training Training Course

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Training

Video Title: Andys Ten

Duration: 00:18:32

Video Title: Setting Essential Preferences

Duration: 00:07:01

Video Title: Working With Screen Modes

Duration: 00:03:56

Video Title: Adding File Information

Duration: 00:05:11

Video Title: Organizing Bridge Workspaces

Duration: 00:03:48

Video Title: Using Crop & Straighten

Duration: 00:01:51

Video Title: Using The Ruler Tool To Straighten An Image

Duration: 00:01:43

Video Title: Selection 101

Duration: 00:02:17

Video Title: Using Refine Edge

Duration: 00:03:41

Video Title: The Mixer Brush Tool

Duration: 00:04:56

Video Title: Creating Customized Brushes

Duration: 00:08:14

Video Title: Alpha Channels And Layer Masks

Duration: 00:06:07

Video Title: Whitening Teeth

Duration: 00:02:24

Video Title: Color Correction With A Grayscale Wedge

Duration: 00:05:25

Video Title: The Grayscale Trick Revealed

Duration: 00:03:04

Video Title: A Peek At Color Correction With Curves

Duration: 00:04:04

Video Title: Converting Images To Grayscale

Duration: 00:02:18

Video Title: Color Correction With Midtones

Duration: 00:03:40