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Praise for O'Reilly Media Canada

People really like us...

Very Good Tuts.

- Shayan D

If you are a beginner like me, this course [Learning PHP and MySQL] is a must. It really delivers a lot for price.

- Fernando A.

I enjoyed this course [Learning jQuery Programming]. It's well paced and each topic builds off the previous topics.

- David M.

I have taken many IOS Development courses and read many IOS development books this course [Learning To Build Apps For iPhone – iPad] is a great starting point for someone that is just getting started, needs a refresher of the basics, or wanting to learn something new. I have enjoyed the course and the plethora of information that it has. Looking forward to more courses like this one.

- Jay M.

Before I took this course [Learning To Program In Java] Programing in general was like french. I am only half way through this course and I have a brand new understanding. Each lecture is detailed and it is all very easy to understand. I can't wait until I start making my own programs. Thanks and excellent job

- Gavin K.

[Learning To Program In Java] I've been through 46 lectures so far, and wish all my college and graduate courses had been offered in this format (and taught by Mike McMillan!). He dives into the meat of the topic, no long-winded digressions, no classroom diversions. I can pause to take extensive notes, replay if I want hear what he said again, and revisit any lecture any time. I love that Mike doesn't edit out his mistakes, but instead shows us the common gotchas that even experienced programmers like him run into. I also love that he uses the cmd prompt to compile and run the program. (I first tried to learn java using a book and NetBeans, and subsequently never fully grasped the basic java environment). Excellent, excellent course, worth every penny.

- Amanda T.

I'm almost done with the [Advanced Microsoft Excel 2010 Training] course and am completely satisfied with the instruction. This really gave me a boost at my new job and has increased my efficiency tenfold.

- Kevin K.

I am amazed by the quality of instruction in CINEMA 4D Lite For After Effects. I still have the second half of the course to go, and already feel adept with this complex program. Jeff Sengstack's clear and concise teaching style takes away any fear when it comes to learning things like NURBS, nulls, modes, and the many managers involved in C4D Lite. I'm new at this and Infinite Skills is making it fun to learn this program. I recommend this training to anyone wanting to use C4D Lite that is now packaged with AE.

- Mark B.

This course [Learning Microsoft Access 2010] has really helped me, I've found the lessons to be really well put together. Highly recommended

- Andrew W.

I have been struggling with C# for a long time to understand and master the more complex things with methods, classes and such. I signed up for several online learning sites to learn C# such as Lynda, VTC and Udemy, but this course was the best of all. It has so many great code examples and the explanations are very detailed. I really look forward for a "part 2 - Advanced C#" from the same teacher. Thanks for a superb course :-)

- Christopher R.

thank you very much! The Infinite Skills website is by far the best online training website that I have ever seen!!

- Mike K.

I thought I knew most of what there was to know about [Photo Restoration With Photoshop], however I've learned new and better ways to achieve the results I want, and many of these variants produce a better result. And yes, I will have to re-visit the course to refresh my memory. Very good course. Well presented.

- Norm G.

I am very happy with your tutorials. I have an account and I do learn much from you. I have accounts from other companies but yours is the best. I learn much from your straight-forward teaching style, your easy language, your nicely-paced way of speaking, and it is like you are in the classroom with me. I plan to keep my account and I thank you for such wonderful videos. Please keep up the great teaching!

- Sammy P.

Just wanted to let you know how very pleased I am with these training materials. The company that I work for has purchased the same set and they will soon be available to all our designers. I intend to order the [Learning Autodesk Inventor 2013] training material for my Son. You've done a great job with these videos. Thank you.

- Bill S.

I have tried to learn this before and with other methods. This course [Learning CSS3] is amazing. Seeing the process happen and having it explained while it is being done. This course is worth taking.

- Rachael L.

[Learning Adobe Illustrator CS6] I have never worked with Illustrator before but Andy's lessons makes it extremely straight forward to understand follow and use this program. Cannot wait for other tutorials that Andy does, I think he is a great teacher.

- Austin R.

I just wanted to say that I was very impressed with Andy Anderson's teaching in the [Learning Photoshop CS6] arena. His skills as a teacher are truly remarkable. If you cannot explain something simply, then you really do not understand it. He has a vast amount of knowledge but has humbly and uniquely reshaped his learning and experiences into a level which reaches those who would love to have some of what he knows but are just not there yet. Andy is truly a gifted teacher and I should know,... I am a doctor.

- Dr. Rudy D.

I spent the last month or so working through this course [Learning Adobe Illustrator CS6] and now understand the method behind the madness that is Illustrator. Now when I start a document I feel in control of the program whereas before I felt quite intimidated. I kept a steno pad next to me and jotted down notes just like back in college. I now have that as my guide to go back and revisit lectures as needed.

- Roger T.

Please, keep doing this good work!

- Ivete M.

Thank you Support, As a SolidWorks Instructor I keep up my own skills and I learn how other instructors teach the basic course and some of the add ons that can also be taught. I learn only to teach. I am retired but realize the importance of passing on whatever I have learned to those that have a long way to go. Great tutorials done by real professionals.

Listen, I was given 2 Xmas' ago 6 months premium subscription to Lynda. I recently within the last 6 months bought another 1 month subscription to Lynda to attempt once again to learn AutoCad. All I can say, is it was entirely a waste of money. I am neither smart nor ignorant; fairly average my last IQ test scored around 135. But I learned more from Infinite Skills in 2 weeks then all the time combined from Lynda. Worth every single penny and ten times more. Thank you for making the world of difficult programs accessible for those of us who would otherwise never get it! I mean it. This is a fantastic source of information that presently has no equal period at any price. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Did I say thank you?

- 002JNL (iOS App Subscriber)

This course [Advanced Microsoft Excel 2010 Training] explains many of the excel actions that I use regularly but (until now) intuitively. The instructor takes the time to clearly explain how and why these actions work. As a result, I now understand how to properly apply them. This course also introduces advanced actions and functions that are valuable additions to a power user's portfolio of tools. Now I can use more appropriate tools for the job, instead of trying to cobble together solutions using only basic tools. I benefited most by going through each lecture (sometimes several times). I found that even in the topics with which I was familiar, I learned how to explain them to others. I also emerged from the sections with more confidence that I have a thorough understanding. Highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to use Excel for more than just a calculator. If you are like me, you will come out of the course wondering why you didn't learn this earlier!

- Win M.

This is a very good basic tutorial for iPhone App development [To Build Apps For iPhone - iPad]. I hope that you will make an Update covering iOS 6 and storyboard development

- Brian D

There are so many different instructors for each topic! This makes it easy to find a teacher who communicates the best for your learning style. The Photoshop training is clear and concise, and has taught me a great deal already. Thank you.

- Matthew p.

Dear Infinite Skills, Over the past year, I've watched countless hours of online training. I've been to every major site and have purchased courses as well. I just wanted to write I say, I feel the most "at home" here. At my level, I don't need super-specialized training or expert-level, in depth topic coverage. I.S. just seems to be a great balance. The site is nicely organized, the value is fantastic, and everyone I've dealt with has been super courteously a friendly. The point is, while I could probably learn this material several places, Infinite Skills is the only place I feel I'm learning it among friends, among people who really want me to learn, and are ready to help do it. Thanks, Dan

- Dan. B

Thank you for the tracking information! I am very impressed with the speed and quality of Infinite Skills' customer service! This is the first time I have placed an order with your company. I ordered a Windows Vista training DVD for my dad on Thanksgiving day. Within 15 minutes of placing the web order I received a phone call from the company stating that a physical address was needed for UPS shipping (instead of a PO Box). I said, "Wow! That was quick!" My dad had mentioned "Video Professor" products for computer training. After reading the fine print for Video Professor products, I chose the Infinite Skills' Windows Vista DVD instead. Thanks again!

- Rebecca

[Learning Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4] Excellent advise,clear concise,informative i will organise my photos from now on! thanks

- Tarja H.

Excellent Course and content....Got certified in SolidWorks weldments after the tips and best practises imbibed as a result of going through the videos.....Great Job

- R. Palav

[Using Adobe Creative Suite To Build Websites] Very well done and a pleasure to view, not only good information, but entertaining also.

- Gary R.

I would like to thank you for making all these training videos available. I have learned an incredible amount by watching them.

This course [Learning Adobe Premiere Pro CS6] is very well put together and the instructor doesn't drone on which is great! I've learnt a lot of helpful hints from this course and I am only a third of the way in. Worth every penny!

- Terry C.

This course [Learning To Program In Java] makes it easy and fun for me to understand the java programming language

- Mine M.

This course [Learning To Program In Java] is definitely useful for beginners. Without any prior extensive knowledge of computer languages, you can easily learn how to begin programming in Java. It walks you through everything and is much easier to learn than using simple books or online written guides. Definitely recommend it!

- Ian M.

Excellent in depth presentation of [Abode Photoshop Lightroom 4]. The course not only teaches you how to organize your photographs in logical and efficient ways but more importantly demonstrates why you should spent the time going back through all your photo folders, discs, external hard drives etc.. to properly define collections, keywords, tags, ratings and color coding. I contained my impatience to jump directly into the develop module and now I can find any photo quickly. The instructor knows the software and knows how to teach us the ins and outs of this excellent program.

- Judith A.

I just wanted to thank you for producing training that I can wrap my mind around and "get" more easily than I would have thought. I just purchased Advanced Cararra Training from DAZ, and it already solved a problem I was facing for an animation. I enjoy the training a lot. Thanks again.

- Christine R.

I just wanted to say that I was very impressed with Andy Anderson's teaching in the Photoshop CS6 arena. His skills as a teacher are truly remarkable. If you cannot explain something simply, then you really do not understand it. He has a vast amount of knowledge but has humbly and uniquely reshaped his learning and experiences into a level which reaches those who would love to have some of what he knows but are just not there yet. Andy is truly a gifted teacher and I should know,... I am a doctor. Please make sure he gets these comments because he needs to know at least some of what he is worth to his students.

- Dr. Rudy D

First, I want to say thank you for providing the free/demo lessons for us to watch. As a consequence I've fallen in love with Jeff Sengstack's instructional style on the Adobe Audition videos. I just wanted to pass along my thanks to you and to him. I've watched A LOT (far too many) instructional videos on AA and have learned bits and pieces. No where else have I seen such easy-going, comprehensive, clear, and USEFUL instruction. Jeff is a wonderful teacher. I'm a podcaster and an audiobook reader and even though I don't NEED to learn about music mixing, I found myself watching those tutorials/sections as well just because I always learn something from Jeff. So thank you.

- Heather

[Learning Illustrator CS5] Really great style of teaching, very clear, informative, good pace

- Laura

This course is very well put together and the instructor doesn't drone on which is great! I've learnt a lot of helpful hints from this course and I am only a third of the way in.

- Terry C.

Enjoyable course [C++ Programming Training], great detail, good pace

- Jonathan D.

I enjoyed taking this course [C# .NET Programming Training]. The lessons were well thought out and easy to follow. Provides a great beginner overview of the language.

- Jeff D.

I wanted to send you a thank you note. I know nothing about Adobe Premiere or video editing in general. I have access to all the Adobe apps for my job testing software and since we got the Creative Cloud team license I decided to give learn Premiere. We also have access to the Safari Books Online which happened to have the video series you did "Learning Adobe Premiere CC" which started using and I've spent the last 2 days going through the lessons and will be starting Chapter 14 here in a bit. I have to say this has probably been one of the best book/video courses that I have ever used. So far everything has been really easy to follow along with and you've made a the program and the art of editing/creating your own videos not so overwhelming. Thanks again for creating such a nice course. I'm looking forward to finishing it and perhaps even making my own videos.

- Dan D.

Excellant course!! [Learning To Program In Java] Instructor has a deep knowledge of the language and compiler. This is especially helpful when deciphering application behavior. Highly recommended..

- Steven R.

What a great course [Learning PHP and MySQL]. The instructor is EXCELLENT. The material is understandable and progresses logically. I have no prior coding knowledge aside from novice html and css, and I don't feel overwhelmed. It's enticing and stimulating to the point where I'm finding myself staying in on the weekends to stay up late and learn. I give this course 11/10 and two big thumbs up.

- Seth H.

I thought this course [Learning Microsoft Powerpoint 2010] was very well laid out, the sections followed logical progressions, and the speaker was extremely clear and easy to follow. Excellent!

- Jane B.

[Microsoft Word 2010 Training Videos] This presentation is extremely well done. I went through the whole series in just a few sessions. While this was quite a lot of information, and I am sure I haven't retained half of it, I found it easy to comprehend. Tim is very easy to follow, and his organization of the material is spot on. I plan to revisit sections as I need them. So many bits and pieces are going to really help me in day to day use of Word.

- Barbara G.

Being Autistic, I have been looking for a Web Design video course [Using Adobe Creative Suite To Build Websites], specifically tailored toward creative people. I have seen sources similar to this in book form which I simply can't work through. I am using this course to improve my Web Design process. This course has come along at just the rite time for me. Thank you guys :D

- Dave L.

Thank you!. Nothing is so useful, effective and skillful like this for getting training ... Thanks for the opportunity.

- Aridio M Franco

I've taken the [Learning Microsoft Excel 2010] course and learned so much. Now I've moved on to this [Advanced Excel Training] course and it just gets better. I love this guy; he's so easy to understand and explains everything in great detail.

- David T.

[Learning Adobe Illustrator CS6] Andy's style is conversational, and yet he manages to explain the use of each tool or technique very thoroughly. The sequence of the lectures is very well handled, and each lesson builds on the last. There are plenty of exercise files, although I didn't really need to use them, as watching him walk through each topic was sufficient. Andy's voice and intonation are very very easy to listen to for a long time (I did all these lectures in under 2 days - so...hours!) I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to get a thorough grounding in Adobe Illustrator. I'd never used Illustrator before starting this course, and already feel confident enough in using the program to complete work for my commercial clients! I'm going to look for more courses by Andy, as he's simply the best teacher I've experienced so far.

- Samalah G.

This was great. There are so many things covered in this course [Advanced HTML5] and it covers them in enough detail that you can then go on and easily experiment with them in your own web pages. One of the most enjoyable courses I have done yet (I have done lots!)

- Jack G.

I can't thank you enough for this course. I had been battling between buying an old version of FCPro7, a new version of 10 or Adobe Premier Pro. I decided on Adobe even though I knew I'd have another learning curve to ride out. So I did a search and found a Master Class by Infinite Skills. WOW! I am in love with the product already thanks to this EXCELLENT instruction. Easy to follow, great voice and manner, well organized and abundant downloadable practice tools and tips. After one day, my knowledge and confidence have increased dramatically. I know I've made the right choice in software AND in taking this amazing course. THANK YOU!

- Rebecca M.

Jennifer: I am very impressed with the great customer service provided by Infiniteskills. In my opinion you can tell the measure of a company by the quality of their customer service and yours is great.

- Bob

[Apple OS X Lion Server] I had to learn OS X Lion Server over a weekend before I went on a deployment course for work, as knowledge of this was a pre-requisite. Having previous experience with Snow Leopard and Leopard server, I didn't have time to read the book, so watched the videos from this course. Everything was clear and concise and gave me all the knowledge I needed, not only for the deployment course, but to use this at work right away.

- Ian B.

I had minimal knowledge of html and css coming into this course [Learning CSS3] and I learned not only CSS and it's capabilities, but why things work the way they do. Jeff Blake is an awesome instructor and I would recommend this to anyone that is interested in Web Development. Thanks Jeff!!

- William B.

[re: Jeff Sengstack] Just a brief note to say how much I'm enjoying the training videos you created for After Effects and Premiere Pro. They're brilliant. I'm learning heaps from them and hopefully our home videos will be much, much better as a result. Thanks for putting them together.

- Doug

I have purchased learning photoshop cs6 ( author: Andy Anderson) and I just had to write on what an excellent course. Andy does a wonderful job teaching such a complex software look easy and with humor. He provides so much information that I occasionally have to go back to the lessons for notes. Please continue making such excellent courses and tell Mr. Anderson to please make another photoshop course part 2.

- Richard A.

I have read 6 textbooks, 2 "dummies" books, and almost 30 e-books all on [Learning PHP and MySQL] trying to get it to stick in my brain. Finally! This is what I needed! SHOW and DO! I need to follow along, and reading only makes me familiar with the knowledge, but actually being taught how to DO what the books talk about makes me able to USE the knowledge that's floating around in my head! GREAT!

- Jeffrey H.

I've just finished [Learning PHP and MySQL] and felt I should write a small thank you. I've learned a lot and I'm really glad I took this course, the snippets saved me a lot of time and also introduced me to the BlueFish editor which I think is a great little program. I can think of no better way to learn PHP / MySQL and I hope this author posts more videos soon. Thanks.

- Steve J.

Just want to say that I have purchased three - soon to be four of your introduction DVD's for the Adobe suite plus 3DSMax and I am absolutely blown over by how good the DVD's are. I count it money well spent especially the Photoshop program. Clear, easy to understand, well paced learning that suits me down to the ground. thanks!!

- MarionP

Have to admit, these are some of the best tutorials I have ever seen.

- Joseph W.

The [Learning PHP and MySQL] course is excellent. If you are a visual learner, this course is for you. The instructions are clear and the information is given in an organized manner.

- Christine D.

Praise for O'Reilly

Thank you Support, As a SolidWorks Instructor I keep up my own skills and I learn how other instructors teach the basic course and some of the add ons that can also be taught. I learn only to teach. I am retired but realize the importance of passing on whatever I have learned to those that have a long way to go. Great tutorials done by real professionals.

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