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Support - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Purchasing FAQs
  2. Multi-User FAQs
  3. Digital Download FAQs
  4. iPad/iPhone FAQs

Purchasing FAQs

Q: Do I need the software to watch the training course?

All the courses are stand alone and can be viewed without the software itself, However, you many not be able to complete any working files/projects set by the trainer if you do not have the software.

Q: I want to buy a digital download/DVD, do I get the DVD/digital download as well?

If you are purchasing a digital download or DVD, you have the option of adding the other product (DVD or digital download) to your order for an additional $25.00.

Q: How long do I have access to the digital purchase for?

You get access to your purchase for as long as that product is active, and not discontinued.

Q: How long will it take to receive my DVD purchase?

Please view our shipping policies here

Q: Why is my country not in the ship-to selection for my DVD purchase?

If your country is not in our drop down, then at this time, we are unable to ship physical media to your country. However, you can still purchase one of our downloadable products. To do so, please follow the directions below:

  1. Add the product(s) that you would like to purchase into your shopping cart - make sure that they are downloadable products only.
  2. When you are ready, click the "Checkout" button in the cart page
  3. Fill out your billing information completely. It is important that the information you fill out here is your correct address information, as we do address verification checks for orders.
  4. When selecting a payment method - make sure you select "PayPal" - you do not require a PayPal account to pay via this method, you can still pay with your credit card, but this ensures that your order is immediately processed without any holds.
  5. Complete your order, through the PayPal system.

Before you make your purchase, you need to know the following about our downloadable products:

  1. We can reset attempts to download, but in the case that you CANNOT complete your download, we cannot send you a physical DVD replacement to your Country.
  2. You must have AT LEAST a 56K internet connection that is stable and steady. Satellite connections do not suffice for downloads, as they continually drop in and out of service. If your internet connection is not stable or fast, please do not make this purchase.
  3. We do NOT issue refunds on downloadable products - so please ensure that you understand the above two suggestions before you complete your purchase.

Q: If I purchase a DVD/digital download, can I watch it on my iPad/iPhone as well?

You can copy the movies to the iPad/iPhone from the DVD/download, but because of the high quality, the movies are quite large and therefore we only recommend that you copy a few at a time and then delete them before copying more (this will, however, depend on your available memory / other apps on your device).

Just open the DVD and navigate to the Data folder, you will be able to drag the MP4 files to iTunes and then copy them to your iPad/iPhone.

Please note that this is a separate application to the streamed movies for the iPad/iPhone, and is a work-around to enable you to view the content on your iPad/iPhone and is therefore un-supported by us.

Q: If I purchase a DVD/digital download, can I watch it on my Android/Windows OS/any other device as well?

I am sorry but this is not an operation that we provide support for.

Q: I purchased a digital download via PayPal but did not receive my access key, where is it?

An email was sent out immediately on your transaction approval. Quite often this email gets caught in Spam mail. Please send us a support inquiry via our Contact form if you have not received it, and we will resend your key to you.

Q: I purchased a digital download using a Visa or Mastercard but did not receive my access key, where is it?

Due to a high incidence of fraud, there can be a delay in processing your credit card order for digital downloads. Orders are typically processed within 10 minutes of receipt during normal business hours, and within 2 hours of receipt after hours. Once your order is processed, an email is sent out immediately containing your download details. Quite often this email gets caught in Spam mail. Please send us a support inquiry via our Contact form if you have not received it, and we will resend your key to you.

Q: Where can I download my digital product purchase?

Full instructions are included in the email that was sent to you with your access key. You can start your download process in our download centre.

Q: Are your courses closed captioned?

At this time none of our products are closed captioned.

Multi-User FAQs

Q: How does the multi-user product work?

The movies can be placed on any intranet server that can serve an HTML page. Students connect to the provided HTML page, and the videos are played on students own computer using QuickTime. Setup is quick, and instructions are included with the DVD.

Digital Download FAQs

Q: What is a digital download?

A digital download is training that you download from the internet using your web browser instead of us shipping you a physical CD.

Q: How do I purchase a training title for digital download?

Select titles are available for purchase and digital download. You can see a full list of available titles on our digital download products page.

Q: How instant is the "Instant Purchase"?

If you complete your purchase using the PayPal checkout method, you are emailed your access key within minutes of the transaction completing. If you are purchasing using a credit card, there could be a delay of anywhere from 5 minutes to 8 hours, depending on the time of day you are ordering. To protect ourselves from fraudulent transactions, credit card orders are manually processed, and our staff does need the odd hour or two of sleep! We operate on Eastern Standard time, and generally credit card orders are processed within the hour if placed between 6AM EST and 9PM EST.

Q: How do I access my digital download purchase?

Once you complete your purchase, you will receive an email with an Access Key, and instructions on how to download your purchase. You will enter that Access Key at the URL provided, and simply click on a link in your web browser to start your download.

Q: What if I cannot download my purchase?

You have up to 3 tries to download each file within your purchased title. If you cannot complete your download within those three attempts, we will be happy to send you a physical CD of your purchase for only the cost of shipping it to your location.

Q: What format does my digital download come in?

Your digital download will be zipped to compress it as small as possible. Most modern operating systems will allow you just to double click on that file to extract all the necessary files to start using your training. If you have difficulties unzipping that file, you can download a free zip extraction program for Windows at:, or a free version of Stuffit Expander from

Q: How do I view my digital download training?

Once you have unzipped your download, simply navigate to the folder that you unzipped, and click on the ISkills Player to launch the player, and start viewing your training! Each file downloaded is self-contained, so you can start viewing the first disk before you download any others. More information on viewing your training is contained in the README.txt file included in the file you downloaded.

Q: Can I burn my digital download to a CD?

You can burn 1 copy of your training for backup purposes.

Q: What is the licensing terms for my digital download?

There is a License Agreement.pdf document included in your download that outlines the licensing terms of your purchase, but basically you have a single concurrent user license for your purchase. You can only view 1 copy of your purchase at any given time, may not broadcast it over the internet or public/private network, and cannot make copies for the purpose of sharing or selling. Details are included in the License Agreement.pdf file in your download.

Q: What if my question is not answered here?

You can contact us with further questions at 1-800-889-8969 or via our Contact form

iPad/iPhone FAQ

Q: There is no sound in my App:

  1. Ensure that you are connected to the internet through your data plan, or through Wi-Fi, and ensure that connection is fast. Most problems are caused by slow connections, as the training is streamed on demand to you.
  2. Ensure that your hardware "mute" button is not on - some Apps ignore this button, ours respects its setting. (How to manage your mute switch)
  3. Check to ensure that the connection to the internet you are using is not blocking any regular ports - we have had problems with port blocking by free Wi-Fi services in the past.
  4. Unplug any devices such as headsets, speakers, etc. Turn the sound to the absolute maximum on your iPad, and play a movie to see if you get sound.
  5. If you have not tested the sound WITH a headset plugged in - try that.
  6. If you still have no sound at that point - quit the App (How to quit an App), then restart the App and check a movie again.
  7. If you still have no sound, restart your iPad, open the app, and check again. (How to restart your device)
  8. Finally, if none of this works to get sound, make sure you are getting sound in other video applications that you can download for free (such as a local television station app)
  9. If you still cannot get sound at this point - it is likely not the application that is the problem, but something on your iPad, and you should contact Apple for an assessment.

Q: My App is "freezing" during play:

Our App streams video to you on demand, to save space on your device. If you are experiencing freezing of the video, this is most likely caused by the movie advancing faster than it can be downloaded. If you are using a slow Wi-Fi connection, or unstable 3G or other connection, you will experience this. The solution is to pause the movie, and give the streaming a chance to catch up to the playing of the movie. If you are on a slow connection (such as a shared public Wi-Fi) try not to use the 2x or 4x play features, as that will advance the movie faster than it can be downloaded through your connection.

Q: My App loads, but will not play a movie:

This is caused in most cases, by ports being "blocked" by shared or public Wi-Fi hotspots, or by generally "slow" internet connections. Ensure that the connection that you are using allows video streaming. Our movies are delivered via an International Content Delivery Network, with locations all over the world, which results in a very fast and reliable delivery network, so it is unlikely that any connection problems are on the delivery side of the App.

Q: I previously purchased a course from within the App, but I cannot find it now because of this "subscription" model:

Your individual course purchase is still accessable on your iPad. Just tap the "Subscription" icon at the bottom of your screen, and touch "Reload Purchases" (bottom right) on that screen. You will be asked to login to your iTunes account. Make sure you login to the SAME ACCOUNT that you used to purchase your courses. Once you have reloaded your purchases, you can view them as you did previously.

Q: How do I cancel my subscription?

Apple explains in great detail how to manage your iTunes subscription purchases here: iTunes Store: Purchasing and managing auto-renewing subscriptions

Q: I purchased a course from within the App, but it is not showing up in my Purchased Screen:

If you previously made a purchase through the App but they are not showing up after an update:

  1. On the "Subscribe" tab , tap the "Reload Purchases" button, and fill out your iTunes account information.
  2. You may receive a message stating that it could not find a valid subscription, or possibly an error message, but don't worry about that, it will still reload your purchases.
  3. You can now find your purchases under the Browse tab at the bottom, and on that page there is a tab for "Purchased" - your single bought courses are listed there. You can also get to them by browsing or searching for your course, and going directly to it.
  4. If your purchases still do not show up, you will have to contact Apple to confirm that your purchase was recorded, and to troubleshoot why you iTunes account is not reporting the purchase to our App.

Q: General Support Suggestions:

Apple provides great step by step instructions for troubleshooting applications purchased from the App store.

If none of these suggestions relate to your App issues, please contact us using this form, and we will do our best to help you out.

***Please note that we are unable to issue refunds for App purchases. Your purchase was made directly from Apple, and you must contact Apple to receive any requested refund.

Praise for O'Reilly

I would like to thank you for making all these training videos available. I have learned an incredible amount by watching them.

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