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Here's a refreshing concept in computer software training videos:
We actually care about your success

Welcome to O'Reilly Video Training: high quality IT training videos with a difference.
Imagine the satisfaction of quickly becoming confident with software for Graphic Design, Video Editing, Audio & Music Creation, Web Design, Business Applications and Programming Languages. With our videos, you're on the fast track to mastery.

  • We know you're looking to accomplish something here... not just learn something That's why our project-based video tutorials give you relevant skills to apply to real projects, right now. Each course is segmented into different chapters so you can learn sequentially or jump to topics of specific interest.
  • Our video experts are coaches Our experts show you HOW the software works using real-world project examples. In many cases, practical working files are included so you can work alongside the tutor.
  • Expect to master the skills you need to succeed Customers tell us they're using their newfound skills immediately to confidently complete projects and delight colleagues and clients

We're passionate about delivering the best, most affordable project-based computer software training videos, perfect for creative professionals, programmers, business owners, and others.

Learn from broadcast-quality production methods and leading accredited authors, These DVD tutorials really do rival classroom-based training courses, but at a fraction of the cost and on your own schedule.

Praise for O'Reilly

[Learning Adobe Illustrator CS6] I have never worked with Illustrator before but Andy's lessons makes it extremely straight forward to understand follow and use this program. Cannot wait for other tutorials that Andy does, I think he is a great teacher. Austin R.

Just Released Titles

Introduction to Apache Hive

Release Date: 2015-10-08
Duration: 1.75 hours, 24 lessons

Price: $49.95

CISSP Certification Training: Domain 3

Release Date: 2015-10-07
Duration: 11 hours, 107 lessons

Price: $139.99

Getting Started with React and Angular

Release Date: 2015-10-06
Duration: 1.5 hours, 34 lessons

Price: $49.95